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Belgrave Gallery, St. Ives

Brian Rice: Recent Paintings

October 14th – November 4th 2019

‘In February 2014 I had an exhibition of my early early work (1959 – 1970 ) at the Redfern Gallery, London. I have found in the past that reviewing my work in a major exhibition has brought about a change in direction. In this case, having the opportunity to review work I made 55 – 60 years ago, I felt that there were many avenues I had failed to explore in my youthful rush to make new work. I decided that I would make my future work based on the influences and ideas embedded in my paintings of the 1960’s. Those influences being mainly Constuctivism and it’s offshoots in the Bauhaus and De Stijl.’

BRIAN RICE - Recent Paintings


RAMM Exeter

Opens January 24th 2020

The museum in Exeter has several examples of Rice’s work in their permanent collection, and along with these this show will consist of a large selection of paintings and prints spanning Rice’s long career. The earliest work to be shown is from 1954, (made at Yeovil School of Art)  followed by examples of his development into abstraction, including some major paintings from the 1960s. Further important works made up to the early 2000s will also be here, some of which are based on his interest in archaeology.

‘Green Cross’ 1964



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